Career Management Program

An opportunity to boost your career

At NYX-EI we are convinced that any talent can get the job they dream of. This requires developing his potential in order to bring out his technical and intrinsic skills which will set him apart from others.


Our career management program is therefore totally based on talent, who will have to show willingness, availability and discipline to acquire the necessary skills.


The program is suitable for both face-to-face and telecommuting jobs depending on the skill areas. The talent will therefore have to specify the type of contract that suits him.


A successfull process

Our career management program has several phases. It begins with the solicitation of talent and ends with the signing of the contract for our talent in the company where it will be recruited. Once the talent contacts us, an interview with a career manager will help to better understand the expectations of the talent (Category of companies, type of contract, desired remuneration, …)

Technical profile

We strive to define the technical profile of the talent, to assess their skills in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses. The weaknesses of the talent constituting an obstacle for the achievement of its objectives, a training program is set up to upgrade it.


The purpose of the preparation is to sharpen the talent to succeed both in the technical tests and in the various job interviews that he will have to face. Its duration depends on the actual level of the talent detected during the technical tests. Depending on whether he has a junior, intermediate or senior level

Placed on the market

We accompany our talents to apply in the offers for which it has been prepared. Indeed, after the preparation the talent will have developed the skills necessary to win the contract that corresponds to him.

Why join our program

It is no longer a question for you of applying for as many offers as possible, but of choosing the type of job that suits you. Thus, the talent can choose to work remotely or face-to-face, the job that will provide them with the expected benefits, and the program takes care of presenting them with the offers that meet their expectations.

The career management program aims to arm talent with the skills needed to get the job they want. It is therefore a question of upgrading the talent and thus making it competitive in order to achieve its professional objectives.

NYX-EI is present in the North American markets, in Europe and in Africa. The career management program therefore offers talent an opportunity to land international contracts.